October 23

So I lost my ring. The silver one I always wear that has “peace” engraved on it. It was my visual reminder that I can let things go…remain calm…be at peace. All hell broke loose today. I’m kidding, of course. But I have to admit that I felt a bit lost without it. I really don’t take it off unless I’m putting on hand lotion (which is often now that the weather has gotten cooler) but I really can’t remember taking it off recently, even for that. At any rate, I had to adjust myself to not having it. I wasn’t so much irritated that I’d lost a piece of jewelry (although misplacing stuff does drive me nuts), I went through an actual thought process of telling myself I would survive without it. That its loss did not mean I had somehow jinxed myself out of ever feeling peaceful again. Seriously. I had to kind of laugh at myself. Although I don’t actually believe that such talismans bring luck or ward off danger. I wrote before about how this ring symbolized for me that

April 9

I took some time today to be outside. I always find it centers me to be out amongst the trees, listening to the sounds of nature. It was renewing to walk in the wind and feel the sun on my face. I’m thankful for the sense of peace that gave me.