October 23

So I lost my ring. The silver one I always wear that has “peace” engraved on it. It was my visual reminder that I can let things go…remain calm…be at peace. All hell broke loose today. I’m kidding, of course. But I have to admit that I felt a bit lost without it. I really don’t take it off unless I’m putting on hand lotion (which is often now that the weather has gotten cooler) but I really can’t remember taking it off recently, even for that. At any rate, I had to adjust myself to not having it. I wasn’t so much irritated that I’d lost a piece of jewelry (although misplacing stuff does drive me nuts), I went through an actual thought process of telling myself I would survive without it. That its loss did not mean I had somehow jinxed myself out of ever feeling peaceful again. Seriously. I had to kind of laugh at myself. Although I don’t actually believe that such talismans bring luck or ward off danger. I wrote before about how this ring symbolized for me that

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