Day 7

Today I stopped by the gym on my way home. I’m trying to get back into the routine that the holidays disrupted. After a quick hour there, I was eager to get home and eat. I know, judge me later. There’s more coming…

As a sat at the light to turn left into my neighborhood, I realized that the line of cars was unusually long. Normally, it’s just me and MAYBE one other car turning left at that light on any given time of day. Tonight there were at least five in front of me. I couldn’t tell exactly since I was at the end of the line. When the light turned and we got the green arrow, two cars went through. And then none. Now I need to pause here to explain something. I’m a pretty laid-back person most of the time. I don’t get angry often or throw tantrums. I rarely raise my voice. In fact, my children hate when I swear, so I even try to limit myself to swearing only around people who don’t care–or to when I’m in my car. I do hate driving (mostly I hate other drivers) and I can get worked up and swear like the proverbial sailor when I do. Therefore, when the light turned and only two cars went through, the conversation in my car went something like this:

What the. Seriously?? What the HELL. Why didn’t you go?!? Are you KIDDING me? Who’s asleep up there?? ARGH!

At this point, I was willing to admit that maybe the light changed too quickly which SUCKED, so I calmed down. Finally, the light changed again, green arrow appeared, and…NOTHING.  NO CAR MOVEMENT.  Now the conversation (I am alone in the car, by the way) went along the lines of something my kids would be ashamed to hear, so I won’t actually put it in writing. Needless to say, I was pissed that I had to sit through two red lights and was still no closer to home. I was desperate to get into the shower since I was still sweaty from my workout and my sensitive skin breaks out if I wait too long. Never mind that the gym is across the street from my neighborhood and the light in question is literally two streets away from my house. I wanted to get home.

When the light turned green, I jerked my way out of the clogged turn lane and discovered, as I had by then assumed, that someone was sitting in a stalled car at the front of the turn lane. Poor sucker. I tried not to stare at the car as I drove through the light. It took me only five extra minutes to make my way home, but by then, I felt a bit of chagrin (ok, a lot) for getting so worked up over a short delay. After all, that could have been my stalled car in that turn lane. It was only a few weeks ago that the battery died in my car (although it was in my garage at the time, so I didn’t have to bear the glares of angry motorists). So I’m thankful today for the reminder that on another extremely cold January day, I’m home in my warm house and not stranded in a cold car.

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