April 30: Erudition

Since it’s the last day of April, I’m going to close national poetry month with this. I’m always thankful for lessons learned.

it’s late afternoon already
and still you haven’t come
from my window I’ve been watching

children casting lines into the river
consistently losing their bait with the
eagerness of reeling in nothing

interesting how early we can learn
life’s great truths
yet they do not realized this is homework
and so continue on
while I keep my vigil

the clouds fall into the water and a grayishness
settles over the once idyllic scene
the fog is coming in
on something heavier than little cat feet
I can hear its pouncing steps echo
in the distance

there will be a storm tonight

moonlight would cast a rosier glow
over the swirling water than
the sun’s weak attempts right now
the wind blows the lines back
and forth and I wait expectantly

for the children to run home
but they continue to cast and reel
cast and reel
hoping to get even one small bite
and I wonder why they can’t see
it’s pointless now the fish are gone

and then I do

I’ve done my homework
I’m not one of them
I’m leaving

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