May 1

It’s May Day and I didn’t dance around a maypole, or sing, or put cute little flower baskets or treats on my neighbors’ doorsteps. I feel a little disappointed by that. I like holidays of all sorts and usually try to at least acknowledge them. I think I’ll put that on my agenda for next year; it will give me a greater incentive to meet more neighbors and learn their their names. Right now I feel like I only know them by face at a distance, enough to wave and say hello. Of course, without seeing them bundled up in winter coats and hats, I may not recognize anyone anymore.

At any rate, it struck me earlier today that some of these typical, fun holiday things are slipping past because I’m not as together as I usually am. I’m a list maker and like to finish tasks and be done with them, but I’ve gotten a bit disorganized and off-track, and it’s time to pull it together. For that reason, I’m thankful the semester is almost over at work. My night class meets for one more week, and then I will be back to having free time in the evenings. I will miss my students, and I will miss teaching over the summer because I really do enjoy it. Class interaction with students is a special kind of joy for me. However, it will feel great to get some unfinished projects done both at work and at home. Soon I will have a few weeks break from my normal routine that will allow me to focus on organization and planning for the upcoming semesters. I’m actually excited about it. Is this what sports players refer to as getting your head in the game?

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