May 25

Another beautiful day, and one with accomplishments. I finished a huge yard project, just in time for Memorial Day rain. Of course, tomorrow I am hosting a cookout with friends and want to be able to use the fire pit area that I started last summer and completed today. It may not happen with a 60% chance of rain in the forecast, but that will simply have to be OK. It doesn’t change that I’m happy to have the project off my to-do list. There will be many beautiful nights for a proper campfire coming up. My friends and I will still enjoy spending time together tomorrow.

Besides finishing projects, I’m also thankful to have been able to spend time with someone very special to me. It was his birthday and his only wish was to be able to spend the day working on his own house projects. (He just bought his first house.) He wanted our morning coffee run to be the birthday “thing.” However, in my family, birthdays are a big deal. Therefore, I can’t let them simply pass by without a proper acknowledgment. So I promised no celebration, and we compromised on me bringing him dinner in the evening. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as successful as I was on getting projects done.  And although he was disappointed and frustrated with his day, he didn’t let it ruin the night. Instead, the evening consisted of  dinner with fantastic desserts, time on the deck in the perfect evening air, a fire in the fireplace and a Dr. Who movie. I thought it was a lovely beginning to a new year older. I hope he did too.


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