May 26: Memorial Day

It did rain today. It seems to be a Memorial Day tradition, at least in the Midwest. My friends and I still grilled out, but ate inside, with my newly finished fire pit as a backdrop. As expected, we still enjoyed our time together, eating too much and finding ways to kid each other. 

While I’m thankful for the holiday and time to spend with friends and family, I don’t want to forget about the real reason for the day off of work. As with a lot of national holidays, the real meaning of this one get overshadowed with our barbecues and long weekend sales. Did you know that Memorial Day originated after the Civil War? May was chosen as a month when flowers would be in bloom and readily available to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers. Which is why the holiday was originally called Decoration Day. However, the name was changed and in 1971 it became a national holiday to honor the lives of those who died in all American wars. And here’s something I didn’t know before now, but wish I had: In 2000 Congress passed The National Moment of Remembrance Act. Part of the act states that at 3 pm local time on Memorial Day, Americans should pause for a minute of silence in remembrance and honor of those who have died in service. What a beautiful idea and one that should be more widely acknowledged. We are all indebted to those soldiers who died to protect us and our freedoms. I’m truly grateful today for their ultimate sacrifice. 

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