June 7

Today was the Bow Tie Run/March for men’s cancer awareness. A friend of mine asked me several months ago if it was something I could help out with, so I joined the planning committee. I’m thankful I did. Not only did I learn quite a bit about the amount of work that goes into organizing such an event, but I also realized how well my friend does it. Although we’ve known each other since the 5th grade, and stayed in contact over the years, we don’t get together a lot. It’s fun to see someone outside of the normal way you think of them. I sometimes think of my friend as that grade school girl I knew, so it was refreshing to get to see her at work. I was impressed with how adept she was at putting so many people and pieces together for the event today. And it was a great success. We had hundreds of people participate, and it’s only in its fourth year. Our local Home Depot hosts the event each year, and many other businesses sponsor it. This year Sean Considine from the Baltimore Ravens was the Honorary Chair, and he was so gracious in giving his time to this cause. Not only did he attend all the pre-run events and interviews, but he also ran the race himself and let anyone who asked try on his Superbowl ring. (Those rings are ridiculously huge, by the way.) It was rewarding to be there today and to see so many people come together locally to raise funds for a fantastic local organization, Healing Pathways, which provides services to cancer patients and survivors. Having just lost my father to cancer in April, this event held extra importance to me. I’m thankful I was there and even more thankful for my own friends who came out to support it as well.

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