June 8

 My whole body hurts from spending the day helping my boyfriend and his mom lay a tile floor at his house. I guess there’s nothing like a lot of physical labor to remind you how out of shape you are. I definitely need to get back into my exercise routine. But the floor is going to be great, and it was nice getting to know his mom a little in the process since she lives out of state and I hadn’t met her before. I think there’s something revealing about a person’s personality during house projects. For instance, my mom told me when I was at her place last week that her dogs got nervous and left the room when I was hanging her ceiling fan. Not because of me, but because they were used to my dad doing projects, and he was not a patient man when things didn’t go well. There would be a lot of swearing involved. I also had an ex who would throw things, usually at me, when projects went awry. That was not fun. But today, although there were some mishaps and frustrations, the three of us worked pretty well together. It was actually rather fun. I was grateful I was able to help, and now I’m excited to see the final outcome. 

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