June 25

I had allergy testing patches put on my back yesterday and had to leave them on through today. I go back to the doctor tomorrow morning to see what may show up. It’s been a bit uncomfortable. There is one definite spot that has been itching, and I’ve been instructed not to scratch. I also cannot get the patches wet, which meant careful bathing and no sweating. In the hot sun. I ended up not going to work so I could be uncomfortable at home instead. That also allowed me time to hang out with my youngest who hasn’t been home much lately. We worked on a couple of house projects and went out to lunch. She knows that I want to redo her bedroom when she’s gone in July so she periodically bugged me about it today. I had fun giving her absolutely no clues as to my plans. All she has seen are a couple of end tables someone at work gave me that I will be converting into a desk. And last week we bought a purple velvet vanity chair from The Salvation Army. She was a little frustrated at my insistence on keeping things a a secret. But I love surprises. And projects. So I’m looking forward to that. Tonight she and I ended the day by making popcorn and chocolate shakes and watching old episodes of Dr. Who. I’m thankful we had time to spend together. And I can’t wait to get to the doctor in the morning.

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