July 15

So last night I discovered that the project of my daughters bedroom redo wasn’t going as smoothly as I had thought. I should have known better. There’s a particular portion I’ve been building and when I went to assemble things, it didn’t go so well. I don’t want to say what it is in case she’s reading my blog (highly doubtful but she’s been trying to get info out of me the past couple of days) but suffice it to say, it’s a rather central item. Now I measured things more than twice before I cut, but what I didn’t do correctly was account for the width of the wood when adding measurements of all key pieces. Thankfully, I ended up with some pieces too long instead of too short and was able to salvage the project. Of course that doesn’t mean all went well today. I found myself doing dumb stuff like screwing things together backwards and hanging things upside down. But I kept it together–no throwing items or getting too upset. And I called in some extra hands when lifting awkward items became necessary (thank you, boyfriend!). I’ve learned over the many years of home projecting that it doesn’t do a lot of good to continue working when I get frustrated. It’s much easier to take a break and return refreshed. So after making the necessary adjustments, that is what I did tonight. And I’m grateful I have another day to pull it all together.

June 25

I had allergy testing patches put on my back yesterday and had to leave them on through today. I go back to the doctor tomorrow morning to see what may show up. It’s been a bit uncomfortable. There is one definite spot that has been itching, and I’ve been instructed not to scratch. I also cannot get the patches wet, which meant careful bathing and no sweating. In the hot sun. I ended up not going to work so I could be uncomfortable at home instead. That also allowed me time to hang out with my youngest who hasn’t been home much lately. We worked on a couple of house projects and went out to lunch. She knows that I want to redo her bedroom when she’s gone in July so she periodically bugged me about it today. I had fun giving her absolutely no clues as to my plans. All she has seen are a couple of end tables someone at work gave me that I will be converting into a desk. And last week we bought a purple velvet vanity chair from The Salvation Army. She was a little frustrated at my insistence on keeping things a a secret. But I love surprises. And projects. So I’m looking forward to that. Tonight she and I ended the day by making popcorn and chocolate shakes and watching old episodes of Dr. Who. I’m thankful we had time to spend together. And I can’t wait to get to the doctor in the morning.