July 18

This afternoon my daughter and I went to see Maleficent, the Disney remake of Snow White. It wasn’t a movie I typically would have picked; I usually only go to the theater for big action films or something that really intrigues me, but a friend invited her, so we went. I didn’t think it was a great film, but it was good. I thought the special effects were just ok and the story line, even though rewritten, was a bit predictable. But what I appreciated it about it was the twist on the villain. Traditionally, the fairy tale story line is sweet, innocent guy/gal is the good one, and the dark, evil guy/gal is the bad one and the good one always triumphs. Well, you know how the fairy tales go. But in this one, the real villain isn’t so obvious and the evil queen is humanized. Yet the moral of the story was the same: good triumphs over evil. Only what’s good is questionable. And who saves whom is also questionable. The film touched on a lot more themes than the original as well: love, trust, betrayal, greed, empathy, obsession, forgiveness, regret, loss. I like the change up in story lines going on right now in a lot of would-be kid shows. The idea that it isn’t always princesses who need saving. And it’s not always a prince who’s a hero.  So while I could have waited to see the film on Netflix, I am glad I saw it today. It was interesting, and I had a fun time with my daughter.

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