July 17

Well, my daughter liked her room, thankfully. It’s kind of funny; she takes after me in that she’s not overly excitable. No jumping for joy or anything. She said, oh! Ah…that’s so cool! I have bookshelves! And that was about it. But I know she’s happy with it. Actually, what was even sweeter was her reaction when I picked her up when she got home from the airport. Then she very enthusiastically threw up her hands and hugged me happily. And admitted that she missed me. That I’m grateful for.

Since I’ve gotten some grief for not sharing pictures, here’s what I spent my week on. Its not visible, but I built the bed frame so it would accommodate a trundle underneath. And she loves to read, so my intent was to give her a reading nook to escape to. My daughters room before (essentially) and after. Sorry, my pictures aren’t great.




4 thoughts on “July 17

    • Thanks! I got the trundle bed from a resale shop years ago; it’s the old fashioned metal pop-up kind with the springs. It sat in my basement for a long time. Newer versions are usually a sort of wooden drawer.

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