July 22

So today I’m thankful for this little guy I named Chance. I picked him up from a rescue shelter this morning. Although I had been vacillating on whether I really should get a dog, I knew when I saw him that I was going to bring him home. That face. How could I resist it?? I have to admit though, I was nervous going to pick him up. Puppies are a lot like babies, and I remember very well the work involved. Bringing home a puppy changes a lot for me, not the least of which is my routine. So I knew I needed to be ok with that. I was also nervous about upsetting my cat. He’s been a fantastic pet and with me for ten years, so I felt a twinge of guilt knowing that he wasn’t going to be happy. But this first day went well. Even though Chance is still quite young and playful, he’s been amazingly well-behaved, with other dogs as well as my fat cat. Sousi made it clear he didn’t want the dog in the house, even swatting him a few times, but Chance simply ignored him. And tonight when I blocked the dog off in his kennel area, he barked for maybe 5 mins tops. I’m hoping we get through the night without issue. I know there’s a lot of training work ahead, but tonight I’m thankful he’s here.


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