July 23

I’m exhausted. And not because the new puppy kept me up all night. He didn’t. He went to his kennel at 9:30 pm and made no noise all night until I let him out at 6 am. But when I went home at lunchtime, he had gotten past the baby gates of his kennel and had roamed the house. A few things were chewed, but amazingly, I found no potty accidents and nothing of real value had been destroyed. So overall, Chance is being a great pup. It’s the constant worry about what he’s up to that’s wearing me out. It’s like having a toddler in the house. It’s quiet; where is he? He’s sniffing around; does he need to go out? And the puppy crate I ordered with a guarantee delivery for today never made it here. It’s putting a delay in my crate training. But if I can keep him to the routine we started, that will be good. He is a pretty smart puppy. He seems to be learning his name and listens when I call him. He even recognized our yard after just a couple walks in the neighborhood. I’m almost afraid to be too hopeful, but it does make me thankful I took a chance with this one. (Get it? Chance? Ok, I am tired.)

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