August 10

The outside of my house is about 98% painted. I’m thankful for the help I had today with my boyfriend on the tall ladder and my kids helping with trim. I also borrowed a ladder stabilizer from some friends which helped a lot. It took longer than I had hoped to get things as far along as we did, but it’s about there. Another half a day and another gallon of paint should do it. That’s a big one off my list. I’m also thankful that I finally got my closet organizers put in. The huge mess that has dominated my upstairs for the last few weeks can now get tackled. I had my kids help me tonight decide on whether to keep or toss some of my clothes. I tried things on and they gave me their opinions. That was brutal. I can now imagine how the folks on What Not to Wear feel when stepping into the dressing room of truth and getting Stacy’s and Clinton’s feedback. My kids do not soften their criticism. And I now have a pile of clothes to give away. However we did have some pretty hilarious moments too. Once you realize something looks ridiculous, it’s easy to make fun of yourself. In fact there were a couple of items we saved for the Halloween costume box. At any rate, it was good to get some movement on the to-do list today.

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