August 28

It’s Thursday. One more day to get to the long weekend. I thought about taking tomorrow off just to give myself an even longer weekend, but I have an afternoon meeting that I maybe should attend. Maybe. After all, I’m rather anxious to get my class notes and readings organized. I started already but have plenty more to do. I did get some more “school supplies” and even a few things for my desk at home that will help me keep track of what I’m working on. No more piles of paper. Now I just need to get my home office clean enough to work in. That’s next on the agenda. I did get my office cleaned up at work and emails sent out for the first speech team meeting next week. And I connected with a coach from another college who forwarded me some tournament information and got me in touch with a colleague for a list serve for forensics information for our region. So it’s been a productive week for me on the getting organized front. I finally feel like I’ve got a handle on some things. I’m very thankful for that.

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