October 29

I forgot to bring my homework home with me tonight. I literally carry my book bag with me almost every where I go just in case I have a bit of time to be reading or at least checking on things. Today I left work and made it all the way home before realizing it was still sitting in my office. Instead of going back for it, I decided to work on my kitchen. It’s disorganized state has been driving me nuts. So I went to Menards, bought some shelves and hung them with the aid of a certain muscular guy and his working drill (sadly, my drill died completely a couple weeks ago). Hanging the shelves meant I had to remove a cabinet, empty its contents and find new places to put everything. But it’s amazing the difference already. Its not quite finished, but it feels a little larger and has added a lot of storage. The only downside is that I need to find a new home for the chalkboard. But so far, it’s worth it. I’m thankful to have better organization and a way to free up my counters. Less clutter will (hopefully) make the kitchen easier to work in and keep clean. And save my sanity.


October 21

I didn’t sleep well last night and woke up feeling yucky. My stomach bothered me all day; I even left work early. Of course, I find it difficult to come home and rest because I see so much that I still need to do around the house. In fact, sick or not, I planned to clean up my room tonight. I’m in the process of switching out summer clothes for winter. (One day I’d like a closet big enough to house all of my clothes through all the seasons.) However, I decided mid-way that I should really eliminate some stuff again. Especially shoes. I rather love shoes, but I find myself wearing the same few pairs repeatedly, forgetting about others I have sitting on the shelves. Of course, even a quick look through the boxes will explain why that happens. I have shoes (and some clothes!) for a different life. Some where along the way I started collecting shoes for places I haven’t gone and probably never will. Beautiful high heeled shoes that are not possible to wear to work. Well, not for the work that I do. And I don’t get invited to many places that require me to dress up. I guess I’ve held on to some of them because I actually do like dressing up occasionally. I wouldn’t mind a fancy affair now and then. But I simply don’t have that kind of social circle. And it’s silly to hold on to things just in case. Especially when it’s creating stress in my daily life. The clutter is killing me. But it’s going to have to wait another day. I’m too exhausted to tackle it. I’m thankful tonight that I can put off some stuff like I do. I’m also thankful that I can let some things go, even my shoes. It will be a little painful, but the payoff of an organized space will make it worth it.

August 28

It’s Thursday. One more day to get to the long weekend. I thought about taking tomorrow off just to give myself an even longer weekend, but I have an afternoon meeting that I maybe should attend. Maybe. After all, I’m rather anxious to get my class notes and readings organized. I started already but have plenty more to do. I did get some more “school supplies” and even a few things for my desk at home that will help me keep track of what I’m working on. No more piles of paper. Now I just need to get my home office clean enough to work in. That’s next on the agenda. I did get my office cleaned up at work and emails sent out for the first speech team meeting next week. And I connected with a coach from another college who forwarded me some tournament information and got me in touch with a colleague for a list serve for forensics information for our region. So it’s been a productive week for me on the getting organized front. I finally feel like I’ve got a handle on some things. I’m very thankful for that.