September 22

As sore as my body is already and is going to be even more so tomorrow, I’m thankful I’ve started some actual exercising lately. Last week I discovered that my dog likes running with me. So I’ve taken him out a few times now on the bike path near where I live. Tonight we went again because even though I hoped to go to a class at the gym, I felt guilty leaving him immediately upon getting home. He’s not supposed to have a lot of strenuous exercise yet since he was neutered last Friday, so we did a walk/run for a while. Frankly, I’m not a runner, so my running is fairly close to a walk on a good day anyway. Tonight, Chance was a little amped up from not being able to play with his puppy friend for the last several days. He kept jumping at me, weaving back and forth in front of me or stopping suddenly so the run became more of an obstacle course. After taking him home, I went to the gym anyway to get some continuous cardio on a bike. It’s not the exercise routine I used to have, but at least it’s a start.

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