July 30, 2021

It was such a long, busy work week. Really, just a long week overall that once again, I’m super excited to be going into the weekend. We have nothing planned, and I’m not sad about it. Well, nothing planned outside of the house or with anyone else. We do need to get our guest room put back together for when my mom and sister come to help out after my surgery. Like a lot of folks (I’m guessing) we had the delusion that we would get in shape during the pandemic quarantine and swapped out the guest bed for exercise equipment. Well, that only lasted a short bit, especially after chemo messed with my muscles. At least that’s my excuse. I’m assuming Patrick quit using the equipment so I wouldn’t feel alone in being out of shape, which is really quite thoughtful of him. I’d really hate to be a chubby mess if he was svelte. And since we clearly need exercise, the equipment will go to the basement. As I mentioned yesterday, my muscles and joints are getting better, so I’m optimistic that I’ll use the equipment again soon.

At any rate, outside of moving items around the house, we are looking at an open weekend with sunny skies and cooler temperatures than we’ve had lately. I’m already feeling more relaxed. And I’m thankful for that.

February 9, 2021

I’m in a rut. I realized today I have the same routine. 7 am work. During the day, I think about what I want to do after work. After work, I lose my motivation and end up just checking on my personal emails then watching tv with Patrick. By 8 pm, I’m almost tired enough for bed, but I push through at least until 9 pm.

Before the pandemic hit, we went to the gym fairly regularly. When it closed, we got some inexpensive equipment to use at home. I’ve mostly avoided it. I know I need more exercise, and I also need more energy. So today after work I got on the treadmill instead. Amazingly, I did feel a bit better for a while afterwards. Enough so that I ruined the effect by making rice pudding before dinner.

At any rate, I’m thankful for the change in routine that made me feel a little better for a little while. I’m going to try to shake up the routine and get in some exercise daily. I know; I said try. Baby steps.

September 22

As sore as my body is already and is going to be even more so tomorrow, I’m thankful I’ve started some actual exercising lately. Last week I discovered that my dog likes running with me. So I’ve taken him out a few times now on the bike path near where I live. Tonight we went again because even though I hoped to go to a class at the gym, I felt guilty leaving him immediately upon getting home. He’s not supposed to have a lot of strenuous exercise yet since he was neutered last Friday, so we did a walk/run for a while. Frankly, I’m not a runner, so my running is fairly close to a walk on a good day anyway. Tonight, Chance was a little amped up from not being able to play with his puppy friend for the last several days. He kept jumping at me, weaving back and forth in front of me or stopping suddenly so the run became more of an obstacle course. After taking him home, I went to the gym anyway to get some continuous cardio on a bike. It’s not the exercise routine I used to have, but at least it’s a start.

March 22

Today I was thankful for a lot of small things:

Making it to the gym this morning for a good workout. I missed the class I enjoy going to, but I ended up running a little longer than I normally do and still got some biking in.
Putting clean sheets on my bed. I’m going to be happy about that as soon as I’m done writing tonight.
Having my kids stop home unexpectedly. They’re visiting their dad this weekend, but needed to pick up a couple of items for a birthday party tomorrow. They hung out long enough to have a proper chat over lunch.
Catching up with my younger sister over the phone. We don’t do that often enough.
Seeing the sunshine, even though it was too cold out again.
Finding ways to stay warm without turning up the thermostat. That’s always a good thing.
Eating a really good burger. I don’t often crave specific foods. Today I did and made a good choice of where to go for it. Yummm.
Watching a Dr. Who special. (There should be no need to explain that.)
Writing at the computer with my cat in my lap. Even though he isn’t very helpful.

Day Three

Every year during the winter I end up with bronchitis at least a couple of times. My mom is convinced she and my dad are at fault because of the years they spent subjecting me and my sisters to their second-hand smoke. They were both heavy smokers for most of my childhood, but thankfully, kicked the habit many years ago. Because I know that it really worries her, I tell her that of course that can’t be true. (Although it may be true.)

Whatever the cause, I’ve spent almost every year of my adult life dreading head colds because I know at any point, they could turn into days of barely breathing and nights coughing myself awake. One winter a few years back I was one of the lucky ones who contracted the bird flu, or swine flu, or whatever horrible version was going around at the time. It truly was horrible. When I watched the Infection episode of The Walking Dead, I could relate. Well, not entirely, but you get my point.

At any rate, I’ve gotten to Jan 3rd without bronchitis. Or even a head cold. Seriously, I’m knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder. The only difference I can attribute this to is that several months ago I got on an exercise routine. I started going to the gym 3-4 times a week and even took up running. I’ve not noticed much difference to my physique, but apparently my lungs are in better shape thanks to all the huffing and puffing. For that, I’m grateful.