October 6

I goofed off tonight. I admit it. Instead of reading and studying all night like I planned to and should have done, I kept finding distractions: tv, text messaging, internet surfing, snap chats. I even sang to the dog for a while. Then finally, I buckled down and started to read. It’s not that the information is uninteresting. In one class, diffusion theory, it reads a lot like marketing principles. I have some background in marketing, so much of it makes sense to me. The chapters I’m in for the other class (on research) is statistical testing and analysis, which is also familiar since I took a stats class. Thank God. I can’t imagine how confused I’d be if I hadn’t since I’m still finding it a bit difficult to follow and it’s not completely foreign material. At any rate, I’m plugging along, thankful I’m a fast reader. Thankful I know how to dissect what I’m reading in order to answer my homework questions fairly quickly. And thankful I have 8 more days until midterm to get caught up. Tonight I won’t be going to bed early.

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