October 7

As usual, I felt a mixture of frustration, disgust, and sadness while looking at the news headline online today. There is so much wrong with our world. I have been saying for years that what we need is a good news channel. One that highlights all the good or humorous things going on in the world today. That is something I’d watch or read. I did stumble across one story that made me laugh. The headline: A Man Is Trying To Trade His Detroit Home For An IPhone 6. My initial reaction was, really? This is what it’s come to–someone desperate for the latest gadget that he’d sell his house? I read the story, fully expecting to find some sort of desperate times scenario. Or a misleading headline. No. I guess it’s the real thing. The homeowner has been having trouble selling the property (on which there is $6,000 of back taxes owed) for the current price of $3,000. So the guy, who isn’t living in the area anyway, wants to trade. It does seem a bit sad that the market is so lousy that even a fixer upper can’t sell for three grand. But the part that got to me was the final comment from the realtor. The homeowner would even be open to trading the house for a 32 GB iPad. He may be willing to take anything, maybe an Android, I don’t know. Even his realtor is confused. And apparently, the homeowner is so desperate, he may lower his standards and go with an Android. People today. There really are so many things screwed up. But I’m thankful for the laugh.

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