October 29

I forgot to bring my homework home with me tonight. I literally carry my book bag with me almost every where I go just in case I have a bit of time to be reading or at least checking on things. Today I left work and made it all the way home before realizing it was still sitting in my office. Instead of going back for it, I decided to work on my kitchen. It’s disorganized state has been driving me nuts. So I went to Menards, bought some shelves and hung them with the aid of a certain muscular guy and his working drill (sadly, my drill died completely a couple weeks ago). Hanging the shelves meant I had to remove a cabinet, empty its contents and find new places to put everything. But it’s amazing the difference already. Its not quite finished, but it feels a little larger and has added a lot of storage. The only downside is that I need to find a new home for the chalkboard. But so far, it’s worth it. I’m thankful to have better organization and a way to free up my counters. Less clutter will (hopefully) make the kitchen easier to work in and keep clean. And save my sanity.


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