November 4

Chance is getting pretty good at not being too obnoxious anymore. He doesn’t try to chew on people all the time, although he still LOVES to chew. On bones. And sticks. And blankets. And brand new rolls of duct tape. And the corner of a chair one naughty afternoon. He has no more accidents in the house (fingers crossed once the weather gets freezing) and sleeps through the night. He is getting slightly, and I mean the slightest of slightly better at allowing us to eat food around him. And he can hang out and chill when we are watching tv. As long as there is something appropriate to chew on. But during the times I’m most in a hurry or stressed or really needing to focus on something, that’s when he throws a fit. I know he wants attention, and I can’t always give it to him as much as he wants. That’s why I’m thankful tonight for the fact that my boyfriend is as willing as I am to let the puppies play on an almost daily basis.

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