November 5

I’ve written about my car before. It’s an MUV (minivan/SUV combo). I’ve had it forever and because of some poor decisions (not all mine, Btw) I ended up basically buying the car 3 times. Don’t ask. It’s not a fun story, but at least it ends with me finally paying it off last July. I’d suggest if you’re going to pay for a car thrice, get yourself a really nice one that you don’t mind having for a long time, maybe forever. The reason I still like mine is its ability to haul something the size of a small elephant. Or a couple puppies. And it’s to the point of me not being so particular about spills or scratches. It still looks decent, but it’s got some wear, if you know what I mean. I can park in tight spots because, eh. I’m more concerned with walking a few less feet than an extra ding in my car door. At any rate, while I’ve come to terms with my MUV, I’ve kind of been thinking that it would be nice to have a real car. Like an actual car. And I’ve also been fretting about the Stinkin Lincoln (’96 gold Continental that my parents gave me for my daughter years ago) that has been sitting dead in my driveway. The battery keeps draining. And the emergency brake is stuck so a back tire won’t turn. It’s been dead in my driveway for months. With the threat of snow, I knew I needed to do something, either invest money in the Lincoln or replace it if possible so Emma has a car to drive. So I’d been looking for a cheap car. Well, cars are not cheap. Even the old ones with upwards of 150,000+ miles on them are still in the $3-4,000 range. Ugh. that’s why I’m thankful tonight to have stumbled on a (fingers crossed!) good deal. I found a car in great condition with relatively low miles at a price I could afford. A black Chrysler 300m. I now have a legitimate car! And it’s pretty! And I didn’t have to give up the MUV for it. Unfortunately, I still need to figure out how to get rid of the Lincoln. Anyone need a large driveway ornament?


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