December 10

I was able to get my office cleaned up today, which was something long overdue. In fact, I discovered a ziplock bag with what looked like a science experiment in it–black and gray fuzz covering what appeared to be a piece of naan. Apparently, naan doesn’t keep well. It was a bit gross. After cleaning my office, I was also able to organize a bit which will make it much easier to keep track of student and teacher schedules for next semester since I’m going to need to hire some more tutors, I think. I kind of hoped my cleaning bug would continue at home, but it disappeared during my 5 minute commute. Instead, we watched a couple of episodes of Eric Greenspan is Hungry. (I find him funny) and listened to the dogs rough house. I probably should have looked at my paper again, and my boyfriend probably should have graded finals, but it was kind of nice to just sit and not think. In fact, overall, it was a rather stress free day, which I’m thankful for.

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