What a year. Well, almost a year. It’s amazing how quickly getting off the daily gratitude train can turn into disaster. Right now life seems to be chaos because work issues have taken a strong hold both on the job and at home. True to human nature, my focus shifted to the problems instead of the joys, and now everything seems too bleak again. It’s the issues that have begun to dominate conversations and thoughts and actions. So here I am, forcing myself to refocus and search for the positives that will help nurture my weakened spirit.

When I reflect back on the past months, I’m grateful for some large items:

I graduated with my Masters in Speech Communication and I maintained a 4.0 gpa. Yay!

I was promoted at the college to a Dean position, which has been a great learning and growing experience thus far.

We took a fantastic road trip to New York City where we basically ate our way through town.

I’ve been teaching again, which is something I really missed.

My kids are both doing great in school and in life. Everyone has been safe and healthy for another year.

I’m also grateful for the small things:

Spring–the days are longer and the sun has been out more often!

I’m finally getting over my head cold.

I get to see all of my sisters in May.

Spring Break is next week.

Did I mention sunshine?


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