For a weekend that was supposed to be filled with rain, it turned out not too bad. Intermittent rain, yes. But not the constant downpour I was expecting. For that reason, my house wasn’t a muddy dog printed mess. Yay! And, I was able to sleep in a bit which has been unheard of lately. Of course, sleeping in for me is anything past 6:30. Sunday morning, after Patrick fed the dogs, they jumped back into bed with me. Usually, they curl up at the foot of the bed and take all my leg room. However, this time, Chance lay down at my back and when I turned my head, there his nose was. The little minx had his head on my pillow–a big nope for me. But he looked so cute, I let him stay there…

While I didn’t do anything especially different or fun, I’m still grateful for the weekend. I was able to get some errands done and have some down time. Just what weekends are for.

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