March 8, 2021

My youngest daughter, Emma, had been working at a place that stressed her. The management was uncaring, some colleagues had difficulty getting along, and she was forced into more duties because they had trouble keeping staff. But today, she started a new job. Throughout the process of interviewing and on boarding, she could see a marked difference in management, so she was hopeful that her new colleagues would be friendly and easy to work with. Today she said her colleagues had all sent her welcoming emails for her to read while she was in training. I’m so thankful that she found a new job that sounds more promising and less stressful.

My oldest daughter, Brianna, and her (fiancé!) had said when they visited last month that they intended to get married. He had designed a ring and was waiting for it to be finished, so she didn’t know when he would propose. But today they officially got engaged. I’m so happy for them! The ring is beautiful, and they looked so happy when we video chatted. I’m so thankful she found someone who is good to her and good for her. They’re such a cute couple.

I’m grateful that regardless of whatever hardships we are going through, there are still moments of happiness to celebrate and reminders that life keeps moving. We are never stuck in moments but moving through them to the next ones. Our days aren’t really always good or always bad, and that’s why hope endures.

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