March 9, 2021

I took today off work. The weather was beautiful and I wanted to enjoy it. I spent time outside as much as I could. I took the Christmas lights off the bushes since the snow had melted enough to get to them and threw away the greenery in the pots. It was a relief to put the last of the Christmas stuff away on this pre-spring day. Then I put up a new kitchen light, watched a movie and took a long bath.

I’ve been trying not to take days off work if it’s not necessary, so I debated about it. I felt a little guilty. I want to stay strong and power through everything without complaining and without missing a beat. But to be honest, some days the mental drain gets to me. The constant worry and unknowns. The frustrations. Then it dawned on me that no one is going to give me a badge of honor at the end of this. I need to manage the best way I can, and if that means a day off sometimes, it’s ok, and I’m thankful for that.

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