September 18, 2021

This weekend last year I was putting up my Halloween graveyard in the front yard. I was thinking about starting it today, but it was too warm. Instead I planned to get laundry done and my normal weekend cleaning. But even that didn’t happen. We drove to a nearby town to check out a large farmers market where we got apple cider donuts and cookies. And since we were already out and about, I asked to check out a Home Depot to see what different decorations I could get for my graveyard.

We ended up buying a 12 ft skeleton. Not for me, but for my sister. I couldn’t believe we found one because it’s been sold out and online and in every other Home Depot we looked. The downside was that we couldn’t fit the box in our car. We ended up taking all the pieces out and folding up the box in order for it to work. Even with that, we had no space in the car for much else.

I’m thankful we were able to get the skeleton for my sister. I love finding something that seems out of reach. I also don’t mind spending other people’s money. Haha. I’m also grateful that Patrick went along with it. He wasn’t thrilled when we realized the box wouldn’t fit. I was waiting for him to tell me to take it back inside and return it. I think he was just happy I didn’t insist on keeping it for myself.

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