September 19, 2021

Since I got my cleaning done early today, I decided to start on outside decorations. I like to start with Fall and add in more Halloween in October, so I started with the front entrance.

Patrick saved some branches that fell off our backyard trees because I told him I had an idea for them. I made an arch over our front sidewalk. For fall/Halloween, I left on the dead leaves. I added in some black birds and pumpkins and a couple of skull planters. Later I’ll add in lights and probably cobwebs.

I also started making a Halloween Inn sign to go at the end of the sidewalk. It’s not complete, so I didn’t get a picture. But I think I got a good start on Fall. I’m thankful that Patrick was willing to help out on a couple of things, like driving the stakes into the ground that are securing the branches. I’m also thankful that I was able to tackle a project that required power tools. I felt like my old self for a bit today.

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