August 19, 2022

I went without a phone for most of today. For some reason, my cellular service disappeared. Patrick and I were out shopping for a tv cabinet, so I had to wait until we were back home and on wi-fi to try to figure it out. I spent 2 and 1/2 hours on a chat with my phone provider and they couldn’t figure it out. I finally drove to a store to see if they could switch out the SIM card or something before they closed. OMG. The teenagers running the store were useless. One ignored me completely as she finished up someone’s purchase and went on to chat about where they lived and how much their rent was. The other one asked what I needed and after I described the problem, pointed out the other two people waiting in the store, saying they had the same problem. He then told me it could be a tower issue. I said the online support already checked that the network near me was fine. He then said changing the SIM card didn’t help the others. I asked what the solution was then. He said he didn’t know and when I asked if he could check on it with someone else, he just walked away. I waited a minute to see if he was going to follow up, but he started helping one of the others instead. Since it was already closing time, I just left the store. ARGH.

Big sigh.

I’m thankful I didn’t make a scene at the store. I’m also thankful we have another store in town that I can go to in the morning. I really hope they have someone helpful working there.

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