August 20, 2022

Well, today was all about my phone. Again. I went back to the T-Mobil store this morning when they opened at 10 am. The guy who helped me was nice, but when a new SIM card didn’t fix my phone, he sent me to the other store across town to see a technician.

After trying several things, the guy there deleted everything off my phone, setting it back to factory defaults. But then couldn’t restore it. After 2 hours, he admitted they couldn’t help me and left me with a completely useless phone. So Patrick and I drove 45 mins to an Apple store where we had to wait 2 hours just to get it looked at. They finally determined it was a hardware issue that required replacing everything but the glass front and would take another hour and a half to fix. At this point, Patrick left me to go home and feed our poor pups.

So…it took about 11 hours and numerous trips back and forth, but I now have a working phone again. What a waste of a day.

Still, I’m grateful Patrick was willing to drive along. Then home. Then back to pick me up. Ha. I’m thankful the Apple store was at a mall so we had a spot to eat and wander around while we waited. And I’m thankful it only cost me a day since my phone insurance covered the replacement.

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