October 8, 2022

Well, I’ve been awake for what seems like days. I couldn’t sleep on my flight and since Paris is 7 hours ahead of my normal time zone, it was morning when I arrived. I didn’t want to go to bed until a normalish time. Instead, I dropped off my luggage (my room was ready early, yay!), cleaned up a bit, and started wandering the streets. Today I stayed near the Louvre, although I didn’t go in or even get a good view of it. Instead, I just walked towards whatever seemed interesting or lovely. Then I decided to check out the flea market, but it took me way too long to get there. The upside is that I’m WAAY over my step goal for the day AND I figured out the Metro. The downside is that my feet ache and I’m exhausted. But I’m thankful for safe travels and a beautiful day filled with beautiful views.

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