October 9, 2022

I caught up on sleep last night. Yay! Which was good because today was another day of travel. After a leisurely coffee and croissant, I went back to the airport for my flight to Nice, which is only about half an hour to Antibes, where I will work for the next few days. It was a quick flight, but about 5 pm before I got checked into my hotel.

Most places in town, which is about a 15 min walk down a hill, were closed when I got there, but I found a boulangerie for a sandwich, walked to the marina to a check out the yachts, and then found a grocery store where I bought a bottle of wine and a bottle of water to leave in my room. When in France…

My boss arrived about 8 pm, so I walked back into town with him and shared a glass of wine while he had dinner. I might have had a few bites of his food as well. Mmmm

I’m thankful for a day of safe travels and more beautiful scenery. Oh, and for Patrick who has been waking up extra early so we can say good morning/good afternoon. He’s probably going to regret it by the end of the week, but I hope not. It’s good to hear his voice while I’m so far away.

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