July 16

The day started out badly again–migraine and screaming cat outside the front door–but it ended well. The bedroom redo is 99% complete, which means it’s pretty much done. A curtain panel made it home with the security sensor still attached, a couple of hidden boards still need paint, some things still need to be put away, but overall, the change is made. The tweaks will have to come later and don’t affect the transformation. I’m pleased with it, which is good. That means I can quit thinking about it.  And I’ve already warned my daughter that she needs to fake it if, for some wild reason, she doesn’t like it. So I’m thankful the room is done. I’m also thankful that my cat, who snuck out and stayed out all night, waking me at 2 am with the sounds of a cat fight outside my bedroom window and then wailing at the front door at 6 am, didn’t encounter a horrible fate in the dark. I’m curious as to what did if it were indeed him fighting with something in the wee hours of the morning. The frustrated gardener in me rather hopes it was the rabbit who keeps eating my flowers. I’m also thankful for dinner cooked for me again (turkey leg beats popcorn, add that to rock, paper, scissors) and cool weather that’s perfect for sleeping, which I plan to do soon.

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