April 8, 2021

My in-laws still give us something every week as a chemo pick-me-up. This week it was some pampering treats and a super soft blanket that I had to fight Chance for when I opened it.

On this rainy day, it seemed like a good day for a spa. I took a hot bath, did a couple of facial items hoping to soothe my face rash, and used some of the moisturizing products sent this week. I then shared my blanket with Chance.

I’m thankful my in-laws still want to make chemo week easier. I so appreciate them.

April 7, 2021

I’m halfway done with chemo!

I dressed for comfort and put on bright colors because I didn’t feel like it. I woke up feeling kinda lousy and crabby.

Work frustration made it worse, so by the time I had chemo at 3:30, I was NOT into it. But it’s not like I had a choice. Thankfully, it went fine and went quickly.

We got home to find a friend had put some cute items in the yard that made me smile and made it hard to stay crabby. I’m thankful for that.

April 2, 2021

So…while I was not pain free today, my muscle aches were manageable. I only needed one Tylenol a couple of times today to take the edge off. I’m calling the reduction in chemo a success for that. I’m so thankful and hopeful tomorrow will be the same or better.

Since I took the day off work, I ran some errands in the morning and then spent the rest of my day like this. I’m not sorry about it.

Hanging with the birthday boy.
Never nap alone.
Chance turned 7 today and got bunny treats!

March 31, 2021

Seven more to go…

My chemo session was later than normal today—3 pm instead of the morning. It is always interesting to me to see the different faces of folks when I go. Most are older, and they tend to watch tv loud enough for others to hear. Or they sleep. Most have a support person with them who appears to be a spouse. Sometimes a child. I’m always dismayed by those there alone, considering we are allowed one support person. It makes me wonder if they’re home alone too.

The treatment center I go to is attached to a hospital, so not everyone there is getting chemo. They also do other infusions as well, although they’re not usually in the same wing. It’s lucky that the hospital is right down the hall because tonight was filled with a little drama. The lady next to me was admitted to the hospital because her blood sugar level was ridiculously high and they couldn’t get it reduced. I have no idea what her infusion was for. Another woman had a severe reaction to her medication and began crying loudly, wailing about her pain. Good thing for her, they got things resolved quickly.

It’s impressive how calm the nurses and doctors are in this center. None of them got ruffled this afternoon. They calmly helped everyone, explained what was going on and what they needed to do to resolve things.

I’m thankful for the staff today. I’m also thankful that my doctor adjusted my chemo dose, hoping that it will help lessen my pain side effects. Fingers crossed that it works!

March 30, 2021

I read this in one of my daily readers and it seems to fit today. Even yesterday was still off but today is better. It’s bad one day; it’s good the next. Today was more normal. Three days ago, terrible. That’s the way life works, I guess. I’m thankful today for this simple reminder to keep hanging in there.

March 24, 2021

Chemo day! I’m now 1/3 of the way through. So far, I’m feeling fine, just tired.

I went a little dark today.

I’m thankful today for the cookie delivery from my in-laws, a long chat with my daughter, and that my cough is much better.

March 23, 2021

I texted this to Patrick today. After two days of listening to my constant coughing (probably his least favorite thing ever), I figured he needed a reminder.

I was able to get into my Oncologist’s office today and get my cough checked out, and thankfully, my lungs are clear. The doctor gave me some different options to help with it like changing up my sinus meds. We think it may be too much sinus drainage. Never underestimate your nose hair. Lack of it can also be problematic. I’m never quite sure what over the counter stuff to take while on chemo, so I appreciated getting the feedback.

We also talked about the pain I’ve been experiencing. It’s not an uncommon side effect, so we talked about pain management options. She called in a prescription pain killer for me to try with this next round. If it doesn’t work or I don’t like the effects, she suggested different combinations of Tylenol I could take instead. Now I feel a little better prepared for tomorrow’s treatment and its after effects.

I’m grateful for my nurses and doctors who listen. I’m also grateful for when Patrick tries to tune me out. (Cough. Cough)

March 22, 2021

After several days of being in constant pain, I was exhausted today. I was also still somewhat sore. Enough so that I spent most of my work day sitting with a heating pad. I have new empathy with people who deal with pain on a constant basis. I have least have the expectation that it will subside, if not before my next treatment, then at least when chemo is over.

Probably needless to say, I was beginning to feel crabby. I knew I needed a distraction, so after dinner we went out driving around. And while Patrick made a quick run into a store, I sat in the car and looked up funny memes. And laughed. It felt good.

When we got home, I found this in the mail from my mom.

And this from my sister.

My family for the win! It’s like they knew it was going to be a bad day. I’m so thankful for their continued checking in and reaching out. My day has definitely ended better than it began.

March 18, 2021

I was busy today. After work, I took a walk, made some cookies, and spent time chatting with my daughter about wedding details, which was fun. She’s decided to make her wedding dress because she can’t find exactly what she wants within her budget. I fully believe in her talent for doing so, but I can’t believe she wants to do it within her compressed timeframe. It makes me wish I was better at sewing so I could help her. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want her wedding dress to look homemade. But it was fun helping her figure out some material to use.

By 7:00 pm, I kind of hit a wall. I got tired and my legs started aching. Typical day after chemo stuff, just like my bright face rash. However, I’m thankful I got stuff done and I’m not feeling too bad.